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A wholly digital platform providing insights, information and data on employee mental health and wellbeing

A space for employees to safely share and employers to listen and learn

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Real time, clinically validated data

chnnl’s unique algorithm and data analysis methods allow early identification of potential problems, negative trends, bullying and even crisis, while positive trends can be capitalised on and celebrated.

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Under 30 seconds per day to better mental health

Via a short daily interaction on their smartphone, employees provide unique and wholly confidential
insight into their daily mental health and wellbeing

Anonymous, safe and secure for all

Anonymity empowers staff to tell it like it is on a platform that provides a safe and powerful place for their voices to be heard

Close the loop

Drive employee retention, productivity and positive culture by empowering leadership to listen, understand and act on issues as they arise

“I felt like someone, genuinely cared about us and our experience”


Dunedin Hospital

“The data provided real time feedback on how our teams were coping. In turn, we could proactively plan for what was actually required. We were made aware that our new grads were also facing challenges outside of work and that empathy and compassion were vital for every engagement.”


Belinda Williams, Counties Manukau DHB, Surgical Nurse Educator, Middlemore Hospital